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Virtual FD

Virtual finance director service using cloud technology and other web based applications to provide you with a high level corporate presence for your business

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible planning and scheduling on a weekly or monthly basis to suit your needs

Reduce Administration

Reduce payroll administration as a direct result of hiring a part-time freelance FD

Duel Benefits

Options to attend real-world events e.g. board meeting thus getting the benefit of a physical and virtual FD simultaneously

A huge proportion of new businesses start up without any financial personnel. Over time, business owners do pick up some skills but only if they have the time to learn. But at what sacrifice?

Without a professional and trained finance function, most businesses will eventually run into some difficulties. Statistics suggest that profit-seeking organisations should be spending at least 5% of their annual turnover on financial support.

By hiring a virtual FD, your business will be bolstered with a wealth of expertise, technical skill and professionalism at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time director. You'll be getting all the in-depth financial analysis, guidance and hands-on experience you've been calling out for from the start.

You need this if...

  • You need someone to take charge of your financial management
  • You do not have any finance professionals in your business
  • You are seeking a part-time solution