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Management Accounts and Financial Analysis

Modern, high level financial analysis of key business areas to empower your operations and organisational strategy.

Financial Analysis

In-depth financial analysis displayed on a beautiful dashboard

Video Insights

15 minute online videos analysing your numbers in great detail

Speedy Delivery

Fast turnaround of financial analysis

Most people are unaware of the fact that accounting as a process can be split into two areas.

On the one hand, you have financial accounting – which is mostly involved in the preparation of the accounts themselves – and on the other hand, you have management accounting.

Management accounting goes a long way in any business because it breaks down and manipulates the numbers set out in the annual accounts into meaningful and thought-provoking questions and answers, facts and figures and more.

The knowledge gained from management accounts and any other financial analysis can power your business to no end.

You need this if...

  • You need to be fully across your business’ financial performance [ ??? ]
  • You have several key performance indicators to monitor
  • You are seeking to exploit areas of strength and opportunity within your business