Business Health Checks

Periodic reviews of financial management and business performance to evaluate the status and health of your business.

Business MOT

Detailed presentation of your Sky Life Business MOT

Business Evaluation

Tried and tested business models to evaluate, suggest change and transform your business

Ongoing Support

Follow-up support for your business

Are you concerned about the performance of your business? If so, you're not alone.

50% of all new businesses never make it past 5 years. And, although there is a significant argument that businesses that become more digital in their operations, systems and processes can reduce this risk dramatically, business survival should not be your only objective in this day and age with so much at stake and so many opportunities to take advantage of.

We have developed an online business health check - a business MOT if you like - which highlights your main strengths and biggest weaknesses, greatest assets and riskiest liabilities, most concerning threats and most interesting opportunities, and much more.

Your health check report will also act as a benchmark paper for your future performance and you can either compare yourself against other businesses who have regular health checks with us for a real world perspective.

You need this if...

  • You want to keep your business on track
  • You are concerned about underperforming areas of your business
  • Your business is operating well but you think something is holding you back

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