5 Office Dog

Paws For Thought

Meet Caramel, our Office Dog!

If you ever pay a visit to our awesome office (aka Sky Life HQ), you’ll get to meet Caramel, our beautiful golden retriever from West Wales.

She’s an awesome, friendly, funny, goofy and thoroughly cuddly office pooch who loves sitting under desks and tables in the hope that she gets a little tickle under her chin or better still, some food.

Office pets are all the rage at the moment, particularly in the USA.

And there is definitely a growing trend in the UK too, which we at Sky Life Accountancy are more than happy to be joining in with.

We love having Caramel here on a regular basis – she certainly brightens up our office space and keeps herself to herself (most of the time).

On Friday 22nd June there was even a National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and by all accounts it was very popular across the nation.

Have you got a pup fur-iendly office?

If you haven’t then have a read of this list – you’ll be amazed at how much positivity our four-legged pals can bring to the workplace.

Ca-Nine reasons why an office dog is a great idea:

  1. They make a perfect distraction when you need to look away from your screen or writing pad to think.
  2. You can take regular healthy lunch breaks by going for a walk around the block or park. Walking the office dog is great for social exercise - just don’t forget the poo bags!!!
  3. Security. Okay, the vast majority of office dogs won’t be rottweilers but that doesn’t mean they will be useless in the case of intruders. At Sky Life Accountancy, Caramel has been an excellent guard dog to date – albeit, from mostly guarding the use of the fridge and microwave.
  4. They improve staff wellbeing immensely. Dogs are eternally renowned for doing little else but loving everyone they come into contact with and a by-product of this is that it creates an enormous amount of positive vibes in the workplace and sense of community.
  5. Dogs actually help with team bonding an awful lot. They quickly become part of the furniture and fabric of any office dwelling and they also make it much easier to talk to colleagues you don’t normally speak to because they are, let’s face it, the perfect ice breaker.
  6. Studies have shown that having a dog in the office environment can lead to greater productivity, mainly due to the positive vibes they instantly create (as mentioned earlier) but also, we are guessing, because people want to finish their work quicker so they can spend longer cwtching their dog! That’s definitely true in our office.
  7. With mental health being such an important part of company and office life, certainly at the moment and no doubt forever more, dogs provide an instant fix of mental soothing and relaxation by just being there, a perfect remedy for work environments that are often stressful and demanding.
  8. They are great for recruiting new talent – particularly if potential recruits have a big soft spot for dogs. Furthermore, they prove to be a valuable asset in retaining employees because people get emotional when they realise they are leaving a dog behind to go work somewhere else…
  9. Dogs are just amazing full stop. And for that very reason they can be an excellent marketing and promotional tool! In general, most people will hold their hands up in admitting they love seeing photos of dogs doing silly things on social media (in addition to seeing photos of cakes and babies).