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3 Customer Is King

Is the customer always right?

Peter Carless 1st October 2018
In business, one of the oldest adages (I’m talking prehistoric old, like pre-WW1) is that ‘the customer is king’. And truthfully this is so accurate and unequivocal – but does this mean that the customer is always right? This week we received a friendly email from one of our clients…
2 Digital Nomad

Nomad-a what you do, you can run but you can’t hide from The Taxman!

Peter Carless 14th September 2018
What is the one thing on the back of every digital nomad’s mind? Tax! When speaking to our overseas clients, tax is definitely something they all worry about. With every digital nomad having their own completely unique tax scenario (whether it’s simple or extremely complicated), it’s no wonder there is…
1 Receipts

A Bag For Life

Peter Carless 5th September 2018
Just imagine. It’s a cold, dark wintry night in December. The wind is howling and rain is pounding against the window. A weather warning has been dished out by the Met Office and you’ve been told to stay in. Then, all of a sudden, you hear some drips coming from…