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A day in the Sky Life

Embracing the social revolution

At Sky Life Accountancy, we are not your traditional, stereotypical accounting practice of yesteryear.

Okay, every man and their dog says something like this these days – we hear you!

So what we really mean by this is that we are not your traditional practice because we are one of the new breed of emerging elite types of accounting practices.

Technology is shaping the future so radically and the dinosaurs are fading away; it is only heading in one direction…

But this is good news (except for the old-fashioned accountants failing to embrace change, technological advancement and social revolutions) – because change is ALWAYS good news in the long run.

No matter what your business is or does, you’ve always got to move with the times.

But you have also got to move with people, hence the earlier reference to ‘social revolution’.

People become customers, customers generate your business income and this will always be the truth, but people are always changing and therefore becoming more difficult to understand.

Society in 2018 is not like society in 2015, just like society in 2015 was not like society in 2010 and this directly affects how any businesses need to operate and think.

So it’s not that we try to be different for these reasons.

We are different because we accept and pay attention to our environment and for this very reason, Sky Life Accountancy will always be a people’s practice, not a product practice.

It is very easy for accountants to fall into a trap whereby their clients view them as nothing but commodities; sometimes it happens to us (in the beginning, when clients first begin to talk to us and then come on-board) but we are always keen to quickly dispel this.

When our clients come on-board they begin to see how different we are, what value we can truly give them and ultimately, that we are on their side – their friends.

A lot of people in business often complain about how they never see their accountants, that they appear to be invisible or in hiding.

But because we are a digital practice, this doesn’t happen with us.

You can talk to us whenever you want – we’ll get back to you within 12 hours (whether that be via email, phone message or live chat; obviously live chat is instant).

You can see us whenever you want – in practice (we have a client working area if you’d like pop in for the day and be amongst us) or online via Zoom or Skype.

And finally, you can hear us whenever you want – as we hold regular in-house training events and workshops that will always be designed to help our clients and their businesses (and these are available online too if you can’t travel to our office).

Everything changes.

And one day, we might be lagging behind.

But we know this isn’t going to be the case for a long, long time.

Aim high. And aim for the Sky Life! #workwithus