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Open Banking

Open Banking

Andrew Evans 20th June 2019
The world of business banking is evolving at an extremely fast speed. Open banking is the new ‘space race’ for the financial services industry and it is causing quite the storm but it is also making it much easier for small businesses, especially new businesses, to obtain a business bank…


Andrew Evans 21st January 2019
Great news for Sky Life Accountancy today - we’re number 15 of 50 businesses to be awarded funding on the ICE50 for 2019 at Caerphilly ICE! We will be starting to share space there from February for one year and we simply cannot wait. For our local clients, this means…
Come Rain Or Shine Part 1

Come Rain or Shine: Part 1

Andrew Evans 1st December 2018
Winter is coming… And that is a big obstacle for many UK industries to overcome, none more so than the majority of the small businesses within the pet industry. Cue Amy O’Rourke, from Amy’s Ark Pet Services. We follow Amy on Instagram - mainly because she’s always posting great photos…
5 Office Dog

Paws For Thought

Peter Carless 15th October 2018
If you ever pay a visit to our awesome office (aka Sky Life HQ), you’ll get to meet Caramel, our beautiful golden retriever from West Wales. She’s an awesome, friendly, funny, goofy and thoroughly cuddly office pooch who loves sitting under desks and tables in the hope that she gets…
4 Sky Life

A day in the Sky Life

Peter Carless 9th October 2018
At Sky Life Accountancy, we are not your traditional, stereotypical accounting practice of yesteryear. Okay, every man and their dog says something like this these days – we hear you! So what we really mean by this is that we are not your traditional practice because we are one of…